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We asked SIXTY-SIX! of the world's leading SEOs to share their number one actionable tip for 2022. Check out our SEO in 2022 guide to learn from the best in the business, helping you stay one-step ahead of your competitors as we head into a new year.


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Learn from some of the very best in SEO, in conversation with David Bain.

Modern SEO
Creatos Media Limited
Get your basics covered first
Freelance SEO Consultant
Don't forget the basics - but also make sure you monitor Javascript
Owner, Sweet Digital
Stop being a magpie and focus on what actually moves the needle
SEO Manager at Debenhams
Go Big, Go Bold, Go Against SEO
Search Marketing Specialist
Modern SEO is similar to Heisenberg's uncertainty principle in quantum mechanics
Strong foundations
Special Ops @ Yoast
Compete on technical quality, and stop re-building things
SEO at Search Brothers
Rubbish in, Rubbish out
Senior Account Manager at The SEO Works
Don't leave accessibility out of your SEO Strategy
Head of SEO - Puffy
Start optimizing for accessibility
RustyBrick, Inc.
Make Google embarrassed that your site isn’t ranking for your target terms
SEO and Content Lead at SeedLegals
Convince your stakeholders to make SEO a priority
SEO Consultant
Benchmark your search market to find the quick wins
SEO Consultant
SuperGAP analysis: Using your competitor’s rankings to guide your SEO success
Managing Director SEM International
Tailor your SEO content strategy around your first party data
Forecast your projected SEO success based upon business metrics
Senior SEO Strategist, IBM
Prioritise your SEO business funding efforts based upon level of effort, over level of impact
Site structure
Ecommerce Growth Consultant
Have an SEO-friendly taxonomy to maximise traffic to your product listing pages
Digital Marketing Strategist
Mark up your website with every bit of Schema that you can
Senior Digital Strategist at Optix Solutions
Use structured data strategically to build SEO resilience in a rapidly changing SERP
CEO at Schema App
Use structured data to highlight the uniqueness and specificity of your content
Sterling Sky Inc
Make sure that all your important pages have a square photo near the top of the page
Chief Evangelist @ Ryte
How to deal with index bloat
Keyword research
GOOD keyword research has never been more important
Director of SEO at DataCamp
Combine keyword research and keyword clusters with your internal linking strategy to increase your page relevancy
Managing Director, iPullRank, LLC
Map keywords to personas and user journeys.
Product Led SEO
Stop focusing on keyword research
User behaviour
eCommerce experience & SEO lead
Focus on user experience and SEO success will follow
SEO Director at Reflect Digital
Focus on human behaviour
CEO Market MindShift
Intent is the direction that the search engines are going in
Torque Partnership
Adopt an "intent-first" mindset
SEO Manager at iTech Media
Employ intent mapping for every core page on your site
SEO Consultant & Founder at MarketingSyrup Digital Inc.
The user experience trend is getting stronger
VP, Industry Insights - Yext
Use Intent and user experience to grow revenue and increase success
President, Pam Ann Marketing & Stealth Search & Analytics
The debate is over; mobile UX is officially now part of SEO
President, International Search Marketing | AJPR
Stop reacting to each Google update and instead, pay attention to local audiences
Content creation
Freelance Marketing Consultant
Combine Tech SEO and Topic Clusters for maximum results
Founder at Mobe Digital
Create topic clusters that talk to each other
SEO Consultant, Polemic Digital
Create something of value that your competitors can't replicate
SEO Specialist Freelancer & Consultant
Never forget that your job is to help searchers get the answers that they’re looking for
Founder, BEAST Analytics
Answer your customers' questions efficiently
Incubeta NMPi
Originality is overrated, don't force it if it doesn't come naturally
Focus on actual expertise as part of your content strategy
Holistic SEO & Digital
Focus on semantic SEO and natural language processing
CEO, Hartzer Consulting
Review the tiered links to your website & the tiered links to your competitor's
Founder of Bibibuzz
Focus on businesses, not content creators, when it comes to link building
Director, MacNaught Digital
Cut reliance on cold outreach and start thinking about assets that drive inbound links
Keep an eye on the SERP
Senior Technical SEO at Canon Europe
Use the SERPs as your best and most up to date SEO tool
SEO Lead at Teamwork
Brand will become a more important part of the user journey, as well as Google's understanding of your company
Educate Google about your brand
Search Marketing Global Lead @ Workday
Create semantic content using the Google SERPs
CEO Inlinks, Majestic Brand Ambassador
Do not ignore Passage Indexing
Vice President of Search at SearchLab Digital
Optimize your business for Google My Business
Head of SEO at FloristPro
Align your Google Business Profile with SERP features to better serve user search intent
Head of Search & SEO - Alamy LTD
Image Search for ecommerce websites is becoming increasingly important
Analytics & testing
Founder, Optimisey
Learn to love Google Analytics
SEO Consultant at SEOSLY
Add Google Search Console to your essential everyday SEO toolkit
Technical SEO at SearchPilot
If you aren’t testing you need to start - if you are testing, you need start testing with your CRO team
International SEO Consultant
Take your SEO to the next level with SEO Testing: with Aleyda Solis from Orainti
Global SEO Growth Lead
Use Agile for SEO testing
Director, DEJAN Marketing
How to get more clicks without ranking higher
Organic Performance Associate Director
Look beyond the value of the click
Next gen tech
Tech SEO Analyst, Skale
Find opportunities for embedding machine learning into your processes
Senior Technical Lead at Studiohawk
Start getting comfortable with JavaScript rendering
CEO at Peak Ace
Are you prepared for platform-less, serverless SEO on the edge?
Founder, Torque Partnership
Serverless applications that run on the edge are going to be the future of enterprise SEO deployments
Pass the baton
Havas Media
Focus on the next generation of SEOs

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