Categorise backlinks with Topical Trust Flow

Build Your Topical Authority

With Topical Trust Flow we categorise the web, not just by website, but at sub-domain level and page level as well. With this metric you can analyse your backlink profile to identify topically relevant backlinks and external topic clusters to boost your link building strategy.

Introducing Topical Trust Flow

The Topics section in Site Explorer. Subscribers can fully explore and drill into the individual Topical Trust Flow values that arrive at any website, domain, or URL.

With Topics, you can check and categorise the incoming external backlinks to any site.

Screenshot of Topical Trust flow values for the top level domain
Majestic Topical Trust Flow values for

Working with Topics, you will discover Topical Trust Flow values of backlinks to your website. Besides the categorical topic name, there are three data columns:

  • Referring URLs: These are the number of external referring URLs in this index that point to this item. Long term user's of Majestic were introduced to this value years ago as the classic External Backlinks number
  • Referring Domains: The number of Referring Domains that have this topic
  • Links from On-Topic Domains: The number of backlinks from Referring Domains that have this topic (even though the backlink itself may not have this topic)

The table is sortable, and filterable. You can drill in to each topic to identify the top ten results, and it’s really easy to download the top 100 items from each and every topic, for your own spreadsheets or reports.

Topical Trust Flow Values for Referring URLs in descending order.
Topical Trust Flow for Referring URLs in descending order
Topical Trust Flow Values for Referring URLs now filtered by the Sports Category in descending order
Topical Trust Flow Values for Referring URLs Filtered by Sports Category

A Backlink Analysis that Identifies your Topical Authority

Source URL Values of Topical Trust Flow and Anchor Text
Source URL Topical Trust Flow Values

Access the cog action menu to find the source of a specific Topic. The menu has a title to confirm which URL you’re working with so you can jump straight to the Topics tab of a URL on the page. This makes it really easy to run along a topical chain of URLs.

Access Topical Trust Flow values by category for any URL
Categorical values of Topical Trust Flow per URL

Majestic Topical Trust Flow Categories

A screenshot of the BBC's Topical Trust Flow based on website backlink profile
Topical Trust Flow of The BBC

The application of Trust Flow to identify Topical Relevance for backlinks is a significant benefit to anyone interested in backlink analysis or link building. Topical relevance can help SEOs, outreach and inbound marketers, advertising strategists, PR professionals, and business analysts. Before Topics, the only practical way to look at a set of websites by category was to take them from a manually reviewed directory. If a site was not in there, then it wasn't classified. The whole site was usually tarred with a unique category. With Topical Trust Flow, we show the proximity of any page within a website to any topic associated to a value of trust we put in our prediction: a score associated with this metric.

For each page in our Fresh index, we have worked out its proximity to one of the categories in our Taxonomy. We have used this to work out the Trust Flow of each page for each category. We have also categorised the Subdomain level and the Root domain level. The above screenshot shows the Root domain categories for The site is hugely influential in the Arts and Television – but they are not an authority when it comes to automobiles because they lack topically relevant links. However, the Top Gear page on the BBC has considerable Topical Trust Flow around the automotive industry:

Top Gear Topical Trust Flow for Page on BBC Website.
Top Categories for the Top Gear Web Page on The BBC Website

Topics only sort through external backlinks. Therefore you may see some differences with the Topical Trust Flow banner on the Summary tab. That figure aggregates both internal and external links. The values of this metric are specifically related to one or more topics or categories. Each score is specific to one of the 800+ categories of the Majestic Taxonomy. A web page, sub-domain or TLD will have specific values of Topical Trust Flow based on topically relevant links. The calculation and understanding of this metric is an advanced topic that typically goes beyond the average needs of an SEO or digital marketer to perform a backlink analysis or investigate link building opportunities. For those who are interested in learning more about this fascinating metric, we have written an in-depth article that will help you Understand Topical Trust Flow. The Topical Trust Flow Metric is available to all Majestic suscribers.

Why Topical Trust Flow and Topically Relevant Backlinks are Important

Using Topics, you'll immediately understand why a link anywhere on a site isn’t enough. Backlinks need to have a topical relevance to boost your authority and, ultimately, your rankings. By categorising Trust Flow into topics, we help you to focus your marketing and research efforts. With Topical Trust Flow you can easily find topic clusters with just a few clicks: there is no need to spend hours trying to engage with the webmaster of a widget website when you are trying to build topical authority (and hence a reputation) for a diamond mining business.

What You Can Do With Topical Trust Flow

There are many ways you can put Topical Trust flow to use and build topical authority around your brand - here are some examples that will help you in understanding the importance of topical relevance to boost your on page SEO and increase organic traffic.

Some time back, before we launched Topical Trust Flow, we prepared a list of the top 50,000 Twitter handles. You can still Download that list of the top 50,000 Twitter profiles. Without knowing why each handle was influential, connecting with them is not always easy. With Topics, you can put ANY Twitter handle into Search Explorer. You can see their associated Trust Flow overall, but you can also see their Topical Trust Flows. Today that list of top Twitter profiles is outdated. You can refer to this page for the most followed accounts on Twitter. Based on this more recent data, the most followed profiles are those of:

  • Former U.S. President Barack Obama - Twitter handle:;
  • Canadian singer Justin Bieber - Twitter handle:

Let’s look at their Topical Trust Flows against each other and we will find almost no overlap at all:

Topical Trust Flow of Former U.S. President Barack Obama (Topic Clustersand scores)
Barack Obama Topical Trust Flow Scores
Topical Trust Flow of Canadian singer Justin Bieber (Topic Clustersand scores)
Canadian singer Justin Bieber Topical Trust Flow Scores

As you can see these two profiles differ significantly. The colour differences should give you all the clues you need to see their diverse audiences. Of course we could further progress our investigation by running a detailed backlink analysis to identify topical relevance and establish their respective topical authority.

Find High Quality Content

Now that any page can be both categorised and graded with Topical Trust Flow, you can perform laser-focused analyses on topically relevant backlinks and become a topical authority. With Topics you can find and connect with pages within specific topic clusters. Backlinks from pages with similar Trust Flow categories will help you become a topical authority in a field for a specific subject. This is true not only for web pages, but also for other groups of objects on the internet - for example PDF files or people. This kind of link building strategy for SEO will help rise your website to the surface in a search. On the other hand, if your backlink profile is poor you might sink like a stone.

PPC and Search Advertising potential of a Page

The evolution of search advertising has changed the way professionals manage paid accounts. High-quality content is a requirement for both on-page SEO and Search Advertising. Your content must be topically relevant if you're seeking the best possible Return on Investment (ROI) or Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). If not, your advertising will suffer. You can rely on the networks to help you, or you could add this new layer of bid intelligence to predict what will "spark" a reader's interest by knowing the topic of every web page.

Areas Where Topical Trust Flow Will Help SEOs and Digital Marketers

  • Business Evaluation Due Diligence
  • Sourcing of Quality Content Link Building Opportunities
  • High Quality Content Creation
  • On Page SEO
  • Topical Relevance in Backlink Profiles
  • Monitor Backlinks and Backlink Profile
  • Search Engine Penalties
  • Link Building (Backlinks for SEO)
  • Identification of Domain Authorities
  • Building a Topical Authority
  • Research Topic Clusters
  • Develop Content Marketing Strategies

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